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Magali Dahan & Maryan Rousset

She is inventive… he is organized. She is energetic… he is more composed.
“We complete each other and share the same passion” concludes Magali Dahan.
“Each of us doesn’t see himself doing anything other than an artistic career” confirms Maryan Rousset

Her in dance, him in acting… at least at the beginning

When they met in 2008, the young woman from Luxembourg, who had become a singer, already dreamed of creating her own company; a project a bit crazy that she insisted to propose to Maryan… Even if he hesitated at first, today he has no regrets to have started: “It is a gratifying adventure, enthusiastic and emotionally very strong” assures this native of Lyon.
However, it’s far from being his only adventure with his career of almost thirty years.

He got the showbusiness virus in childhood: My father, who was an amateur singer and actor, always knew I would go into show business”.
His goal: to become an actor: “At eleven years old I created my first show at school, then I joined a semi-professional group.
Little by little, he was grabbed by dance: ” At 15 years old, feeling awkward onstage, my friends advised me to take dancing lessons to be more relaxed.”
By working, the awkward teenager became a professional dancer in only five years of hard work. In 1993 he came to Paris and joined the cast of dancers at Eurodisney Park: “It is one of the most beautiful periods of my life” he confides with shining eyes.
For ten years he maintained a parallel career as dancer and singer in an orchestra. Then, having added “Master of Ceremonies” to his package he entered the world of cruise ships doing galas. In 2008 he met Magali. “He has an enormous charisma on stage” confirms the young woman. Her, being a dancer, knows what she is talking about.

“I started dancing at five years old and I was hooked right away” she remembers. Then there was the conservatory in Luxembourg; at 19 years old her departure for Paris and entrance into the school of musical comedy. Very quickly she got her first contract: six months with an international cast in South America. She met an Italian tenor who took her under his wing and gave her some courses. Then, successive contracts. The most prestigious ones: The musical comedy, “Mamma Mia” at the Mogador Theater and principal at the Paradis Latin in Paris. Little by little, growing inside, was the idea of having her own company.

“It is only with Maryan that I want to continue to develop Magma Show Paris. It was always obvious to both of us.” Even with their company taking priority, neither forgets their desire for their respective careers. Among the dreams still not fulfilled: for her a one-woman musical show; for him acting in theater or movies.

But, as they say: “it will always be a plus because Magma Show Paris is our base and our pride!